About Sylvia Fein - Painter

Sylvia Feinís paintings and drawings were spawned in the turmoil that beset the world and artists who were young during the years that World War II inexorably and cruelly loomed and was fought. During those years and thereafter, a group of six of them painted and exhibited together at the University of Wisconsin and later in art centers throughout the country. The University provided a bond that related and united them for most of a century. They were Sylvia Fein, Gertrude Abercrombie, Marshall Glasier, Dudley Huppler, Karl Priebe and John Wilde. Each of their subtly surreal individual works proclaims a philosophical and warmly compatible work ethic. All were always artists, painters, draughtsmen, students and teachers, and above all, dedicated creators of visual surprise and elegant, evocative mysteries. Each notably practiced their profession all their lives, apart but always in ethical touch.

In 2005, some of their widely varied work was monumentally noted in a group-exhibition at the University of Wisconsinís Chazen Museum of Art, titled appropriately “With Friends: Six Magic Realists, 1940-1965”. An information-rich and lavishly illustrated catalog in color, with a foreword by Russell Panckzenko, Director of the Chazen Museum, and scholarly text and biographical research by Robert Cozzolino, Curator of Modern Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, established the works, and the exhibition, as necessary and unique statements about the lives and work of the artists, and the impact of these historic years of tumult.